Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our weekend!

Friday was a normal day for the most part. My cousin ash came over so that I could take her to the Airport in the morning. I had to finish a mini album for my Aunt's 40th birthday party on Sunday. Friday night we went to get a milkshake. I finished the album it turned out GREAT. I wish I took pics. I forgot to.

Saturday early am i get up at 5:15 to take her to the airport. ON my way home i stop by a few garage sales. i did not find anything. I come home cook breakfast for the kids eggs, sausage,and grits. I get them up. WE all eat. I decide before Adams aunt comes in town that I need to go get our pool, and sand for the sand water table. I decide to take one of the twins with me as an outing alone. I take Madison. We go to Big lots, Kmart, Toys r us, the bank, and the dollar store. We get blow up shrek chairs at big lots, a few dollar outside toys at the dollar store including shrek ones, we get sand, water guns, and floaties at toys r us, and at Kmart we get a pool.
After we get home they eat lunch and go down for a nap. Adam get the pool blown up and sets up the sand water table. I wake the kids up right when Adams aunt calls saying they are on their way. Kids wanted to go in the backyard to see the pool, Austin decides he wants to get in the pool clothes and all. So Madison follows along, the water was cool. they did not care at all. Lola and Joe arrive, the kids play for a little more. I fed the baby and we all then left for dinner. We go to Jim and Nicks. Good Food! Kids ate pretty good too! We come home play with Lola and Joe for a little bit before bed time and before they head back to the hotel.

Sunday we finally get to go to church because no one has a fever or we are not overly exhausted. Kids were happy to go they were all excited and jumping.
After Church we come home Lola and Joe are there waiting for us. I go get food for us for lunch. after Lola and Joe head back to GA we leave for my grandmother's house for the Surprise party. Austin broke out in bumps everywhere, i called the dr because i thought it was chicken pox, this came along with a barky croupy cough the dr said it was a viral rash and he had seen a lot of this viral rash with cough lately. make since because had a virus last Thursday/Friday. Madison did not get bumps only the cough just not as bad. He is not contagious unless a fever exists.

Teresa was so exited about her gift, we got her and Caroline two tickets for the CMA music fest which is 4 days! She cried! kids had fun playing outside (pics will show that when I am able to get them up) carter came too to play! we get home late ate taco bell for dinner.

Memorial day: We need to get the garage furniture together and garage organized for the 100th time. Matt and his friend Austin came to help Adam. Jessica came to play with me and the kids. After breakfast *kids woke up at 11!** we moved the pool to the front so we can be all together. Kids play in the pool, play with the beach ball, and the sprinkler. We had so much fun. We made koolaid ( a treat for us) eat lunch outside, get a Popsicle from the ice cream man. Nana and Paw paw came by for a little bit. We go to Red Robin for dinner, it was good and the kids at everything!

Funny thing Austin said, I saw that a cat had pooped in my flower bed, so i said to Adam "I am gonna kill me a cat for pooping in my flowers" Austin comes walking to where i saw it and said "Momma I go kill a cat, i kill a cat" Then while we were playing with our magnetic fishing pole and getting fish out of the pool, Austin says "daddy I kill a fish" So funny how he associated catching fish to that of the Cat thing. Watch what you say for sure!

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