Thursday, May 17, 2007

Were 2 and Dr appt

December 20th 2 year check up. Adam had this day off as we were leaving for GA after the appt and lunch. We had to take Nellie with us. Austin weighs still 28 and Madison still 25. They are 1/2 in in height difference Austin being taller. They are doing good on the growth chart; we can now go to 2 percent milk.
We leave and go to Logan’s to celebrate their Birthday for lunch before we leave for GA. We get on the road. They watch their movies and then go to sleep. We get there a little late due to traffic in Atlanta. We get to grandma and grandpas and we have a mini birthday celebration. They get music boxes each and together they get a Thomas the train ball pit. They played and ran around! Then Went to bed!

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