Thursday, May 17, 2007


Thursday 21st we have dinner at grandma’s .Adam and I went shopping to finish our gifts. Grandma watched the kids. Pam came over brought gifts she got Austin a Ga Bulldog jersey and ga t-shirt. Madison got a cheerleading outfit. Adam got a GA hat. I got a cool GA bag.

12/22 Kids wake up and play with Laura, laughing and screaming! They color with Laura. We love to Color!

12/23 we have Xmas at Grandmas that night. Adam and I went to Macon that morning to get some more shopping done. Kids come with us. I get Adams gift and he gets mine. We split up in the mall. He takes Madison and I take Austin. They did real well split up.
Madison at the opening gifts part loves to clean up the paper after everyone and help everyone open their gifts. EVERYONE! Austin was more interested in playing with his remote control car with Drew. Mommy and Daddy got a crock-pot together.
Madison got a piggy bank, clothes, color glow magna doodle, money, remote control car, books, Minnie doll, crayons, doll, and Dora twin’s doll
Austin got a lighting pillow, football, basketball, soccer ball, magna doodle, piggy bank, clothes, books, remote control car, Mickey doll, crayons, and fire truck
Together an alphabet learning thing, and some other things.
Daddy gets clothes, money, towels. Mommy gets Frames, towels, gift card, and money.
We gave grandma a hand print clay thing frame with their handprints and she loved it and cried. We made Papa a canvas paint art with a photo.

12/24 we get ready go to church for the xmas eve service at Martha Bowman, our old church. We leave from there to go back home so we can be at Meemaws for Xmas eve for her gift exchanges.

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