Friday, May 18, 2007

Update on my meemaw

She had her follow up 6 week check up. He thinks that if the spots on her liver are cancerous and not cysts, then they are not active cancer. he did another CAT scan. He is going to talk to his surgeon about burning those spots off. A true MIRACLE to me! 7 mo ago we were told she had stage 4 colon cancer with spots on her liver, lung, adrenal gland and pelvic area. we do know that they did remove all the cancer in her colon which is the only thing this doc thinks she had he did not see the other spots besides what he thinks are cysts on her liver. God does amazing things, because we almost lost her a few times in the battle of the chemo, surgeries, sepsis, neglect from nurses and drs, you know name it...

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