Friday, May 18, 2007

So Smart

Sometimes my kids just are so smart it is scary.
Austin today woke up and said "mommy I wanna watch pinky do"
I said "why is that"
He said "stories Rock"
So funny cause her song she sings says "were going to the storybox where pinkys really good at making up stories and every story Rocks!"
So funny that he takes that from that. We just started watching Noggin again. They are getting where they are following the story line in Blues Clues and Dora. Like when they say "do you see the yellow box?" they will find it on the TV, or if they say is that the umbrella they will respond.

Austin told Madison today she was "Pretty pretty". and Madison said "thanks Bubby"
So sweet!

I asked Both of them today "where is daddy? they said work. I said where is Nana they said home i said where is paw paw they said with Nana and they said it in like a way that duh mom you know that. I said where is meemaw they said home i said where is Poppy, they said with the horses! and Madison said and the pigs.

Poppy is always outside piddling and feeding the animals and what not. So funny how they pick up on that.

we continued to go through where everyone was.

They are also always asking me "what is that, where is ____, who is that, and have been since before they ever turned 2. I dread the "why mommy" more than any other question.

Now since we are into our colors, ABC, 123 and shapes, they ask or tell me what color that is or ask what color that is. I ask them how many arms do you have? what shape is that, or A is for Apple.. they pick up so much. It is just so amazing at how much they learn so quickly!

We know all the animal sounds, other noises. Austin or Madison will say "I hear plane mommy" "I hear dinasour"

we can draw a circle and try to draw a square.

Madison knows where you heart is on your body and what sound it makes.

They do not miss anything either you can not really fool them much either.

I forgot in on of my other posts that they both call clocks or watches "tick tocks"
Madison has a "pink tick tock" and austin has a "spiderman tick tock"

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