Thursday, May 17, 2007

Xmas Morning

12/25 Xmas Morning about 9 or 9:30a we call nana and pawpaw she gets there and we go up and get the kids out of the bed. As they come down the stairs and see the Tree with stuff under it. Austin says: “Wow Cool”! Madison is excited! Austin did not want to get past the weeble house and cars garage that was unopened to open the other stuff. Plus the Stocking! Madison loved her Princess Kitchen and crayons. Oh yeah and the Candy!
Madison got princess kitchen, dolls, books, crayons, coloring books, candy, movies, game for the together gift they got leaps video game system, baby doll pack n play, stroller, highchair, swing, bouncy seat, Pink car, baby bottles, Mr. Potato head, outfit
Austin gets train set, books, crayons, candy, game, movies, People garage, Cars Mat, Mr. Potato head, Outfit
Together they got a peoples Barn, Leaps, Weeble house, Tent system.
We get ready and go to grandmammas for xmas gift exchange. Austin gets a Backyardagains guitar and Madison gets a Cabbage Patch Doll. Grandpa gets them a year’s membership to the Zoo and grandmamma gives us Money. We eat good food.
We go home to play with our toys for a little bit before bedtime.
Daddy has to go back to work tomorrow!

Ash moves out in December

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