Thursday, May 17, 2007

Come home!!! Nursing issue

Tuesday the 24th I call Adam to come home I was having a day from HELL. Baby was not eaten well and I could not get her to take a Bottle from me or nurse. So we go see lactation I think that in her 2 mo dr apt she got shots and did not want to eat well all day then after that day she went thru a growth spurt and wanted to eat eat eat. So Alexis likes to nurse when you are engorged, full and it flows fast. Since she sleeps all night and I did not get up to pump my body lost some of my over flow of milk which use to be her nursing problem too much milk too fast, and now she wants that back! GERRRR oh well I am determined to get her to 12 mo of nursing. She gained about 4 oz from her 2 mo check up.

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