Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mothers day weekend

May 12th I go to Shelby’s first Holy Communion and then to Lori’s for lunch after. I came home to help Adam with his lunch. I rest a little but the baby is not happy she is gassy and colicky. I take her for a ride and go to eat for Mothers day by myself since Adam is not up to it. I just needed to get away even though I still had the baby with me. I was hoping she would sleep some in the car since she has not had much of a nap today. NOPE! I go riding waiting on Matt and Kaitlyn as they are going to go eat with me so I am not alone, we go t Japanese place called Sushin. I bring Adam back shrimp meal as that is what he wanted. Kids still feverish, no other symptoms except not eating well at all.

May 13th mothers day:
I get up eat feed Alexis get Adam fed. I then head out to Fayetteville to get the kids. I get there and they are napping. I get them up and they are excited to see me, but since I woke them up Madison did not like that as she hates to be woken up. She lays on Nana as Austin is on me. We chit chat, Amy was over there too. I fed Ali and she screams with her colicky stuff. I get her calm. Not the best mothers day at all. I get no card, no Happy mother’s day expect from the kids when nana called me this morning to let them tell me. I then pack all their stuff up and head to daddy’s for grandmamma was having birthday dinner for April and May birthdays and mothers day. Most everyone was leaving as I was getting there but we still had fun. Austin sat on my dads lap for the first time since he as a baby and he talked to him too! Exciting! We had good food and kids played some as they had no fever! I get home and cook dinner. Nana and pawpaw come over to bring the stroller. I end up feeding Ali food by a syringe because she is so gassy and constipated she will not eat just scream and not latch at all. So no bottle helped with the gas plus we gave her Gripe Water. She is much better and that night she finally goes to the bathroom.
May 14th I take the kids to the dr at 2:45. Austin has double ear infection His first ever ear infection. Madison has a virus, oh and Austin has one too as we have a viral rash on both kids. Oh and I took them all by myself! We leave the dr with a prescription for Austin. I also as her for a second opinion on Madison’s feet, legs. Sam her old PT agreed he gave me names to ask for. Dr Donnelly agreed and we are going to go. I just feel she is regressing and I am not convinced that the diagnosis of Flexible Flat feet is the right diagnosis. I have flat feet, my dad does, Austin does and we do not have the problems she does, we need more PT again plus a true diagnosis. I know she is very flexible in her ankles and hips but that should be getting stronger not weaker. I took them to babies r us after for some stuff I needed. I BF Ali and then we left and went to CiCI’s for Dinner. They napped in the car on the way home and we got home and played.
I got them electric toothbrushes princess for Madison and Thomas the train for Austin. Of course Austin did not like it when it made noise, he is scared. Madison was ok with it after bit. Alexis did good today no bottles no gas!

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