Thursday, May 17, 2007

Easter Sunday

4/8 Easter Sunday. We get to go to our church’s big Easter event at the Murphy center at MTSU. Lonestar was performing and the kids had a big program too. About 15,000 people in attendance. It was a good show we were upfront too floor level. Sermon was great too, Alexis slept. We leave and head to Meemaws for a good meal and Easter egg hunt. Maddy again was all into it and Austin got some; carter was having a ball too. We gave the kids their Easter baskets, no spill Bubbles, color wonder, chocolate, coloring books, peeps. Nana got them more color wonder and a table chair set * at her house*. Meemaw got them chocolate, T ta got them a stuffed bunny, and ash got the REAL baby Ducks which will stay at Nanas. Kids play out side only for a little bit since it was so cold. We leave and go to my dads for a little bit he and grandmamma has not seen the baby yet.

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