Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Friday- what a day

We started our day very early. We had to be at the dentist at 8 am. We were a tad late. We get there they love the lobby because it has ride on horses Like the ones you put money in but they are free, they have tvs, an aquarium, video games and more.
Austin just wanted to play there. We get back to see the dentist, I let Madison go first with the dental hygentisit because i knew she would do great. Well she did, she sat still the entire time! She was so wonderful doing as they asked her to. She gets her toothbrush with a dinosaur cover she thought that was cool! Austin is next, OH no here we go! He is in hysterics, another lady comes in to help hold his legs, i hold is hands and help the lady get his mouth open wide. Now when the dentist comes in austin we let go first to get him over with. He did again the same. He said he has an overcrowding issue but great looking teeth other wise very healthy. No surpise on the over crowding Adam has it and so do others in his family. I had it too as a kid. Madisons turn and she was excellent again, her issue is a big overbite, but her teeth look good too. I had an overbit a little bit as a kid. He asked if she sucked her thumb i said no, she sucked a paccy for very little bit as a baby. So it looks like braces are in our future times 2. Adam still needs braces too. I had them as kid. We get our prizes and leave for the park.
On the way to the park i stop and breastfeed the baby. We then head to Barfield park. We meet the other Twin club moms 3 leaving and one staying. We play with these triplet girls who were 4. We had fun, it was colder than it has been. After we leave we head to Chickfila for lunch. They did good considering they were tired from being up at 7:30a! we get home and NAP! YEAH my time to nap too today! Adam gets home and i leave for scrapbooking with my aunts at Sassy scrapper. I have a blast! I got one layout done, and my "special project done" No pics from today.. boo

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