Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mowing, sick,and shopping

5/3 I mow the yard while Adam watched the kids in the yard. We order pizza for diner. Madison was ok with lawn mower going but Austin no way, he got over it. I got my feet green and I went to wash my feet with hose and Madison was very curious as to what I was doing. Now she says mommy mow yard and water on the feet.
Friday May 4th Austin gets fever and we go to the dr. He has a virus. Let it run its course. Another mystery fever. Mom came and watched the other 2 kids. Next day fever goes away. 2 days later Madison gets it. And goes away. We go to BB Kings for diner we had an ok time, lousy service but good food, Adam had won a gift card there.

May 5th I go to Goodwill shopping, also target and to Lowe’s. Adam got new tires and an alignment.

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