Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baby Alexis

2/19 she had to go to the NICU. She was put on a nasal canula. She needed to get her breathing under control. They also wanted to check out her heart she has a premature something or another called PAC. Basically it was a little piece of something in her heart that we all have and it usually goes away at birth but hers did not. It did not cause her to have an extra heartbeat, skip a beat or nothing bad just it was a “spike” on the strip reading. They would have never know it if she was not in the NICU on a monitor. I have to stay in my room without baby. I started pumping milk for her right away. She was not allowed to eat yet. Adam took Monday (the 19th off)
2/20 went to work Tues, 1 am I went to the NICU and some other nurse not ours told me to not touch my child! I was PISSED! To say the least. This is my baby that I gave birth to and carried for 9 mo. Not yours! All her Glucose checks were good. 9:30 am she said she should go home in 2 to 3 days. She said I still can not hold her. It made no sense to me she said until her breathing is under control. She said she would rather be holding a preemie than a full term baby. Her bili was 10 tomorrow check again and if up she will need to go under the light. The nurses would hang out over you while you were in there to see your baby. They would push you aside if your baby go upset and told me how to console her. Did she know that I had twins who are 2 and were preemies and I was neither a new mom nor a dummy! She also told Adam that she the baby does not like more than one person touching her at a time! Oh my this is not a preemie woman!
2/21 wed Adam is at work. 12 am I went down to see her. She keeps pulling tubes out..
2/22 Thurs Adam at work bili was up to 10.8 still can not hold her. But she will get fed 10 cc every 3 hrs starting at 11:45a. The cardiologist will come today to do an echocardiogram and look at the heart monitor strips. Dr said the latest she will go home is Monday. She brought the kids to see me and Baby sissy, after Madison’s Pediatric ortho appointment. Madison was excited and loved seeing baby sissy, she said baby sissy come home. After Madison saw her she came out to get Austin so he could go in and she went running to him saying “ bubby bubby go see baby sissy” she said this with the biggest smile on her face. Austin went in and was no so sure about her he had a concerned look on his face, Alexis started crying while getting checked and fed by tube. We asked him if baby sissy come home and he was he said “baby sissy, bye baby bye”. Before leaving he said my baby sissy my baby. 2p the cardiologist came in, he said her heart was structurally good she had PAC. We will follow up 2 weeks after leaving the hospital to make sure it is all good. She was good the while entire exam.
5 am her blood work was great. Should get to hold her today. I got released today. In the evening. I got to hold her for the first time today at 6p. An hour before I was getting released. I was so happy she was so happy! Her IV came out at 11p. Daddy came to hold her tonight when he came to get me with the kids. The twins saw her again tonight; we then went to eat at taco bell. I went home to get clothes to stay at the hospitality house. She ate so well today! The dr said we could give her a bottle today I said no I wanted the tube until she is able to breastfeed. Since that was going to be tomorrow. She said that was fine. Adams work threw him a baby shower today; it was suppose to be before the baby was to come. We got a lot of cute and great gifts!
2/23 Adam took Friday off Adam was home with the kids today. Today is Matt’s bday he is 16 that is why my mom was not there with the kids. She took him to get is license and his car. No breastfeeding today they said! GRRR. I got real upset and depressed because I called at 8 am to see if she could BF at 9a. She said because of her having still breathing issues here and there. A diff. dr saw her today which I did not like at all. Her nurse Kristi asked me why I did not want her to have a bottle. I explained why. I got there at 9:30a. At 12 p the dr said if I do not want her to have a bottle then they can not see how she well she eats and that I will prolong her stay by 5 to 7 days since she can not BF yet. I got upset and left sticking to my guns. I later called back after getting back to my room and decided after a meltdown to give in; Kristi calmed me down and said she should not get nipple confusion. At 3p she got a bottle and did great. They did the slow newborn nipple. I held her and fed her. The nurse put this cute bow in her hair. She did well and wanted more. She ate almost 2 oz total. She went to sleep on me. I came back to feed her at 9.
I stayed at the house like the Ronald McDonald house around the block until Alexis gets released. .
Sat 2/24: I came in and was told by 10 she would be off all the flow in the canula. Because it was 4 hours after being off o2. So at her 12 feeding I would be able to BF her YEAH! I had a lactation lady come the first time to the NICU to watch her eat! She said she was a champion Nurser! We did 25 min total and supplemented 15 cc by bottle. I was happy for that! I fed her around the clock. I fed at 3 and friend Angela came up to see me and the baby and we had dinner at logans. Came to see her after eating. She was put in a bassinet at 12p after being in an open crib thingy since birth. I got news then that she was going home tomorrow. She dropped to 6 lbs 13 ½ oz today. She was 7 even on wed.
2/25: came in at 9 to feed her and they told me after I BF that she would go home! I went home got Adam matt came to watch the twins. We went to the hospital had to watch a CPR video first, we went to eat lunch. And came back to BF her at 12 that was Adams first time seeing her away from NICU being Breastfed! We fed her at 3 for her discharged, and left after all the paperwork. Got home kids were sleeping. They got up when Nana got there. We took Alexis in there to get them up. Madison was thrilled and excited. Austin was no happy at all. Nana and pawpaw came in and held her. Maddy wanted to hold her and she did. Austin was still mad. She got hungry I started feeding her (BF). Madison was like “ oooohhh oooo, baby biting mommy” she cried thinking Alexis was hurting me. Austin could care less but was watching. We got all adjusted after nana left. Austin hit the baby (not hard) on the head and that was the last of him being mad about the baby, maddy just wants to hold her all the time.
Alexis ate well and slept well. We went as a family to target to get stuff for baby.

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