Thursday, May 17, 2007

My hospital Runs and Meemaw

I had to go to the hospital at the beginning of Jan due to non fetal movement and they had no issue with she is very active of course when we get there. And what they see is my blood sugar elevated. I had to follow up at the dr. He saw no issue with my numbers after I monitored them for a week. He just wanted me to gain weight.
I go to the Dr every two weeks of course. Meemaw goes in the hospital a few times. Jan 23 I go see meemaw in the hospital as they had to perform Emergency surgery and remove the rest of her Colon due to a perforated Bile (later found out caused from the chemo drugs)
This also landed me in the hospital after spending the night there with her. I was having contractions and they gave me 2 shots of tributaline. I went home that night. Adam had to take off work one day while I was with meemaw. Meemaw made it through the surgery that they told us she only had a 50 percent chance and no chance if she did not have the surgery. She also was alert right after, off the ventilator in 48 hours, and out of ICU within 5 days they told us none of that would happen but it did. My meemaw is a fighter!!

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