Thursday, May 17, 2007

a day from Hell

May 16th OH no what a day, the kids decided for some reason to sleep until NOON. I had to go wake them up! Crazy. I know they went to bed at 10:30 and are trying to catch up on sleep but wow! Since I woke them up they were HELLIONS all day. Today was a bad day all the way around, not listening, testing limits, you name it.
We bought this nail stuff to keep Madison from biting her nails and such. I put on the second coat today. The first coat she never tried to bite her nails. Well today …oh no… she bite them and did not complain but made a face. At dinner time she was eating had used her fingers for some reason and she also accidentally ate the skin off her baked Potato. Well she gagged and spit it out. Ok I told her to drink to get the taste out. She did not and next thing you know she gags and throws up…YUCK! All in her plate. So now we have to give her a new plate of food. They continued to act up all the way to bed time! I was exhausted. I do not think Adam thought it was that bad when I called him telling him how they have been until tonight when he saw it first hand. Austin would not listen to us and he climbed in the dining room chair and fell out and hit his head.

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